About Us

We are committed with the development of mobile applications that are simple and intuitive to use, we love what we do and the quality with which we do it is proof of that.

Our solutions have three main components: knowledge, technology and innovation.

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Our location


Medellín, Colombia
Carrera 42 No. 16A Sur-41
Loma del Campestre
Telephone: (+57 4) 313 4646
Fax: (+57 4) 313 3706

Our group

IG Apps is a group company of Intergrupo which is our first commercial partner and we work together to provide the best service with the highest quality.

Intergrupo provides technology solutions that help customers transform their operations allowing them to build new business models using advanced technologies, that will lead to cost savings and to improve the efficiency of their business

One of the main strengths is the interdisciplinary group of talents that is in the computer area, that can offer its customers the best possible solutions available on the market.

Intergrupo has four offices in Colombia and operates in seven countries: Spain, USA, Ecuador, Perú, Dominican Republic and Mexico in which provides services and products of high quality

To learn more about Intergroup visit their website: www.intergrupo.com

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